Did I Just Hear That Correctly?

What the. . . .  is kale tea???

My first thought when I heard those two words together was ‘yuck’.

I like crispy kale, kale in salads and soups, but kale tea? No thanks. If you drink it and love it, more power to you. But that’s just not my, well, cup of tea! LOL.

Where The Term Came From

Let me explain about the term, ‘kale tea’: I’ve been listening to podcasts lately and really loving them. For some reason, I got away from the habit of listening to these great nuggets for so long but I’m back!

Instead of the radio, I can listen to podcasts when I’m in the car running errands or pop in the ear buds when I’m taking a power walk or getting my dogs out for some exercise. I’m learning so much by listening and really geeking out with some of these audio sessions.

But one had me absolutely stumped the other day. The speaker was talking about kale tea. And this wasn’t even a health and wellness podcast–it was about marketing. He kept saying ‘kale tea’ and how this is what was very important in relationship development with clients and customers.

Huh?!? What am I missing?? Was I supposed to be serving my clients kale tea?!

Now It All Makes Sense

It took me a while to process and it wasn’t until the speaker said ‘kale tea’ followed by the words, ‘Know, Like, Trust’,  that I finally got it. He was using the first letter of Know, Like, Trust and saying them together quickly which became ‘kale tea’ to my ears in this audio!

Try it! Pronounce “K”, “L”, “T” together quickly and tell me, doesn’t that sound like ‘kale tea’? (OK, you seriously just tried it, didn’t you?!)

Know. Like. Trust.

That’s what your marketing efforts are all about–getting people to know you, then like you and of course, trust you. The quicker you can help them to feel that ‘kale tea’ feeling–the know, like and trust factor, the quicker they will say yes to your products and services. And it has nothing to do with drinking tea made with kale. <sigh of relief>

As a well-preneur, it’s just seems so darn frustrating to get found in the first place so people can get to know you. How can they like and trust you when they don’t know you even exist . . .  yet?

The Best Way To Begin The Know-Like-Trust Factor

I believe one of the best ways to be found is through the content you create. When you’re consistently putting out good information and sharing it on social media, people will naturally be attracted to that. They’ll want to get to know you better if they’re interested in the content that you’re sharing.

Written blog posts, video blogs, podcasts, live streaming video on any one of the social media platforms–whatever reach-out method you choose will bring people into your circle. Just be sure to do this content creation consistently. Sharing your helpful, problem-solving information to all of your readers and listeners will help magnetize them to you.

As you attract people with your content, they will get to know you and like you. The next step to trusting you comes easily when you’re consistently showing up and sharing valuable information, especially when you’ve shared information and strategies that they can implement on their own and quickly see results.

Other Ways You Can Be Found

Once you’ve been consistently doing this on your own content production platform, reach out to others who serve the same ideal clients that you’re looking for. Offer to write a guest post for their blog or ask if you can answer questions and give valuable information to their listeners on their podcast if they have one. Networking this way online is a great way to get known. If you’re seen in a lot of different places online, people begin to notice you seem to be everywhere and they then start thinking you’re someone they need to pay attention to.

If you’re interested in this topic and would like to have other ideas to get known, I created a PDF resource called, ‘50 Tips To Help People Find You’. If you’d like a copy of this, fill out your information below.

Warning! Please don’t think you have to implement all 50 tips simultaneously! Pick one or two strategies and work on them first before you move on to another one. Trying to do too many at once will only result in overwhelm! And NO ONE wins when there’s overwhelm!

So finally, I am happy to say that actual kale tea is optional. Drink it if you like.

Know. Like. Trust. These are not optional for a successful well-preneur business!