Does this sound familiar?

  • You find yourself spending lots of time writing blog posts that no one reads.
  • You've created a free opt-in and hardly anyone is signing up.
  • You're disappointed to find out the few subscribers on your list aren't opening your emails, and you know that means your emails aren't being read.
  • You feel like you’re just one of many others who do the same work as you–so you’re starting to feel like a small fish in a big pond of many bigger and more noisy fish.

Here's the Reality--Do You Have Any Idea How Much Content Is Actually Published Every Day?

Here are some sample numbers:

  • Blog Posts written every day = more than 2.75 Million
  • Emails sent every day = 306.4 Billion
  • Hours of new YouTube Video uploaded/day = 432K
  • Facebook video views per day = more than 4 Billion

How Can ANYONE Possibly Stand Out In That?

With all that content going out into the world every day, how can you possibility shine a spotlight on your content and help your ideal clients find you?

Creating education-based content is not enough anymore. You need other strategies to set you apart and magnetize your ideal clients to you. People ARE looking for you and your unique gifts and talents. Yes, they're looking specifically for YOU!

You must stand out from the crowd so they can find you.

Stop Beating yourself up about your content and start learning how to stand out in a noisy internet!

Education-based content you publish online is the best way to showcase your expertise, teach your tribe–both clients and prospective clients–and create a loyal following of fans.

It can take a huge amount of time and effort to create that content. If your potential clients are not finding it, not reading it, and not engaging with your content, you’re wasting your time with all your efforts.

There are some solid strategies you can use to help you stand out above the crowd of those who also do what you do. Showcase your content and become known as the ‘go-to’ person when people are looking for the solution to the problems you fix.

Learn how to put a YOU-nique spin on your content and really stand out so those who are looking for you will find you in the sea of noise on the internet!

Stand Out and Be Seen

'Make Your Content Stand Out'

With this self-study course 'Make Your Content Stand Out' , you'll know how to make your content visible so you can reach the people who are looking for you.

Let's Break Down What You Get With This Self Study

This online course consists of 2 recorded videos and 2 pdf bonuses.


Video 1: Get Clear on Why and Who

You've gotta know why you're creating each piece of content and who you're writing that content for. Unless you create this content with your ideal client in mind and with language they recognize, it'll get lost in the internet sea of content. 

You'll first get clear with these two concepts in a way that makes you stand out above everyone else. This makes you more visible for those who are searching for what you have to offer.

Words have energy--learn about trigger words! And then forget everything you learned in High School English class! 


Video 2: Specific Strategies to Stand Out

There are many different strategies to make your content YOU-nique so it will stand out. After a review of session 1, we'll dive into each of these strategies in this session.

You can pick a few intriguing strategies that will appeal to your ideal client and use them to start creating stand out content specifically for their eyes and ears!


Every Extra Bit Of Awesome Is In Here!

Bonus 1
Trigger Words Workbook

Learn your unique trigger words for your audience. These are the words that help your content stand out in a sea of content to specifically magnetize your audience to you. 

Value $17

Bonus 2
Infographics 101

Everything you need to know about infographics and how to create them. Why infographics help your content stand out. 

Also in here--where you can get the most visibility from sharing your infographics.

Value $27

About Your Trainer,
Melissa Brown, MD

Dr. Brown's career journey has always had an element of teaching--initially teaching parents and children how to live a healthy life through her work as a pediatrician.

After retirement from clinical practice, Dr. Brown has taught and mentored as a healthy lifestyle coach, author, and speaker.

Dr. Brown now helps teach and train solopreneurs and coaches to stop being the world's best-kept secret. Her mission is to help you:

Create great content. Impact people. Change the world.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Gail Seignious

Health Coach

"Don't hesitate! You will not be disappointed."

"You can trust Dr. Melissa to deliver exceptional content in an interesting way that stands out above the crowd. Don't hesitate! You will not be disappointed!"

Dr. Renee Cohn Jones

Parenting Coach

Helping Parents Parent

"Inspired to write a lot of content in a short amount of time and get it out into the world."

"Dr. Melissa has a knack for helping you describe your perfect client and figure out what to write to attract their business.

She inspired me to sit down and write a lot of content in a short amount of time and to get it out into the world."

Anne Bolender

Intuitive Clarity Alchemist

"Amp up your content creation."

"Even though I’ve been creating online content for years, there was still so much I learned from Dr. Melissa. She has a way of approaching content creation that is fun, interesting, and easy to use.  I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in amping up their content creation! "

Make Your Content Stand Out




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Get started today with this self-study course. If after 14 days, you're not convinced it's all that I've said, your purchase price will be refunded. You have nothing to lose . . . and everything to gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course delivered? Do I need to be on live calls to receive the information?

Will I get clients and make money by going through this course? 

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What's your refund policy? 

One final thought . . . 

Here's the deal . . . 

If you don't do anything differently, you're going to keep getting the same old results. If that's fine for you, then keep doing it. 

If you want different results, then do something different. 

If you have a plan, put it into action. Maybe your plan includes this course. Maybe you plan is to take a similar but different course. Or maybe your plan looks like getting some coaching help.

Here's what I want for you: I want your message--your content--to get out into the world in a BIG way.

So if you have other plans to make that happen, THAT'S GREAT!

Set those plans in motion and make it happen.

And if you don't yet have a plan, then go ahead and get this course now. Go through the videos, take action, and start standing out with your

YOU-nique message. And just remember . . . . 

The world needs YOU and the change you bring into this world! 

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