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 Ecotherapy--Healing With Nature

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Here's what you get in this ready-to-use content package:

10 Professional Articles

Professionally researched and written articles to use as blog posts, newsletter articles or combine together in an eBook or report. Word counts from 468-943. Average word count per article is 695. In docx format.

15 Ecotherapy Exercises For Healing

15 different exercises to answer the question, "So what do I do when I'm out there in nature?" These exercises help your clients tap into the sensory experience, leave their stress behind and invite creativity. In docx format.

30 Social Media Graphics--10 Different Images

Easily brand these 10 different graphics using your favorite photo editor like Canva or PicMonkey. Share on social media to create curiosity and engagement. Each image sized for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest in png format.

20 Social Media Snippets

Use these social media snippets right alongside the social media graphics to educate your clients and stir up curiosity about what you're sharing. Use them to initiate engagement in your community. 2 Snippets per article. 

Why Should You Buy Done-For-You Content From Me?

I'm Dr. Melissa Brown, a medical doctor with over 25 years of clinical medical practice experience. I'm also a certified life coach, public speaker, author, and self-taught techie nerd.

Coach Ready Content grew out of my realization that I didn't have to do it all by myself when I was growing my healthy lifestyle business online. Once I discovered Private Label Rights (PLR) content and discovered how easily I could start with a pre-written article and edit it, my content creation block was cured!

I now help teach and train health and wellness solopreneurs, coaches and small business owners to stop being the world's best-kept secret. The best way to do that is through consistent sharing of your great content.


My mission is to help you:

Create great content. Impact people. Change the world.

Here's A Closer Look At What's Included​:

10 Professional Articles

"Ecotherapy--Healing With Nature"

Word Count for each article in parentheses next to article title.

Use these as blog posts, newsletter articles or combine for a report or eBook.

15 Ecotherapy Exercises For Healing

A menu of sensory and creative activities to do in nature.

This will help your readers and clients understand the different ways they can experience nature, develop their creativity and strengthen mindfulness and sensory perception. Use this information as a content upgrade to grow your email list or as an article in a series with the other 10 articles in this pack. Combine all the articles and this menu of exercises to create an eBook to sell on your website or grow your list. Word Count for this item is 1465.

10 Social Media Graphics

10 Social Media Graphics to highlight each of the articles. Ready to brand with your logo or url and share on social media or inside your emails or both! You receive a total of 30 images, 10 different images each sized for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest formatted as png's. 

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20 Social Media Snippets

20 Social Media Snippets to create curiosity, engagement and educate. 2 social media snippets of content per article. Share these snippets and drive traffic back to your website to read your blog articles. Total word count for this item is 600.

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 Ecotherapy--Healing With Nature

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