Have you ever agreed to do something without really thoroughly thinking it through? It sounds like a good idea at the time. . . . maybe even sounds like fun, so you say yes without really giving it a second thought.

And later . . .  reality sets in.

Just before you have to actually DO what you said you’d do, that familiar voice inside your head starts loudly declaring “What were you thinking?” And “You can’t do that!”

A prime example of this happened to me last week.

What was I thinking a month ago when I volunteered to participate in a fitness video!?


Let’s be clear about one thing–I’m no Jillian Michaels or even Jane Fonda–not even close!

I take strength training classes in small groups at my trainer’s home in her basement studio. I never worry about being pushed so hard that I end up hurting myself when I’m working out with her. I’ve been there and done that with other younger ‘whippersnapper’ trainers (Ok, see–even that description, whippersnapper, ages me!). I even have the shoulder surgery scars to show as the result of listening to the likes of that when I was pushed to the point of injury!

I work out with Carol Michaels, from Carol Michaels Fitness. She specializes in helping women maintain function and strength while aging. Carol helps women retain the ability to work-out while they recuperate from injuries or surgeries. She works with people who have chronic medical or orthopedic challenges, including osteoporosis/osteopenia. She totally knows her stuff and tailors the classes to the participants so no matter what fitness level or challenge, you always get a full workout and great stretching of every major muscle group without risking injury.

So Carol decided to create a fitness forever video to help women age gracefully and keep aging bones healthy. She asked for volunteers from among her clients to demonstrate the exercises in the video. And without thinking, I said I would do it.

Then the voices started. And most of the week before the taping, I alternated between thinking about how I could get out of my commitment to do this video and trying to ignore the voices telling me that I look too old, too fat, too out of shape, too this or not enough that.

Coincidentally, I listened to a podcast that week and I heard this phrase from Brooke Castillo, “Discomfort is the currency to your dreams.” Nothing great happens when you’re sitting back, playing small and trying to be invisible. Nothing great happens inside your comfort zone.

And maybe not so coincidentally, I just participated in an online group coaching course called, “Intimidation Crushers” with Kelly McCausey. Because both of these things happened this past week, I just decided to forget about me and focus on the people that the video would help and I DID IT! And I survived!

And you know what else I discovered? Everyone who volunteered was also nervous and questioning themselves about what were they thinking to volunteer to be in the video. We all laughed when we started to verbalize our feelings and discovered we weren’t the only one to feel nervous. We actually had fun doing the taping and we made plans to get together and have a viewing party when the video is finalized.

I tell you this to share that everyone has those voices that try to talk you out of doing something that gets you out of your comfort zone and more into the spotlight. If you’re wrestling with a voice that says you can’t be successful with your health coaching business or wellness blog, remember the phrase from Brooke Castillo–“Discomfort is the currency to your dreams.”

So take that action! Get uncomfortable! And share your message with the masses.

People out there need you. Focus on them . . .  and how YOU can help them.

The voice in your head will still keep chattering away. Just tell it to go sit in the corner, ’cause you’ve got a comfort zone to stretch and you don’t have time to sit and listen to it’s chatter!