You CAN Make A Great Impact With Your Website & Social Presence!

Even if you think you don't have time, no clue what to write about, or you think your writing sucks.

Imagine Creating Great Content Effortlessly!

Publish All The Good Stuff Your Audience Really Looks Forward To Reading! 

You keep putting off writing your blog posts and emails and then you feel guilty, don't you?

I get it! You're a busy entrepreneur.

There are so many balls in the air when you're running an online business. 

You know you should be writing great content to share with your audience regularly--all the coaches and gurus say so.

But you're also thinking, 'Just how do I fit that in with everything else I have to do?'

So content creation is often the ball that gets dropped.

Oh and then there's also the content ideas that you need to dream up!

How does anyone really know what  to write about?   Am I right?

So maybe you get past all these excuses and you make a promise to yourself that next week, you'll start.

You find a time-slot in your calendar to write. You sit down at the computer, and then . . . NOTHING.

The computer screen is blank and it just stays that way. You can't get started.

And then you get caught up scrolling through funny cat videos. And suddenly you realize. . . . the time you set aside for content creation has slipped through your fingers. . . Once again!

And you still haven't the faintest clue what to write about or when you're going to 'find' the time to try it all again.

So you tell yourself, 'Who's gonna read it, anyway?' and 'Who am I to even write this stuff--what do I know?'

Stop psyching yourself out with this negative self-talk!
It doesn't have to be this difficult!

Creating great content is NOT a mystery--I have a framework for you to follow!

The Do-Able Content Creation Framework 

With the Do-Able Content Creation Framework online course, you'll know exactly WHO your content is intended for and WHAT they're hungry to hear. You'll know WHAT you're going to write and WHEN you'll be doing your content creation. Even if you hate writing, you can still get your great content created and published consistently with the Do-Able Content Creation Framework.  

Yes, I want this course now!

Let's Break Down What You Get In This Course

This online course consists of 4 Modules to create your own customized Do-Able Content Creation Framework. Let's take a look at what's inside each of the modules:


Module 1: Answering The Question, "Who Are My Peeps?"

It's no surprise it's difficult to come up with content ideas when you don't know who you're writing that content for.

The first module takes you through an exercise to determine your Ideal Client Avatar--the one person you'll be writing your content for in the future. You'll understand her dreams and desires--what are her biggest pains and challenges. Your content will then be speaking her language when you know her inside and out after going through Module 1.

Readers will know you understand her and offer the solution they're looking for when they read your content that speaks their specific language.


Module 2: Sparking Ideas and Rocking Your Schedule

Module 2 dives into the 'how-to' for creating your actual framework.

Lessons include:

  • creating categories for the type of content you're writing
  • choosing a container to capture and easily access your ideas
  • brainstorming exercises to spark eureka moments and ensure that you'll never run out of great ideas for content
  • setting up and using a content/editorial calendar

There's also a lesson about creating your own style guide for content, so everything looks uniform when it's published--keeping you on brand.


Module 3: Getting Into The Flow

It's Production Time in Module 3.

Here's where you'll learn how to quickly create great content that's delivered on time so you can publish it whenever you've laid out your deadlines. It's all about setting up a system to create your content and then following the system.

You'll also have a lesson in Module 3 about how to create content that you don't have to write yourself! Work smarter, get more done! There's no reason it has to be hard.


Module 4: Crushing Roadblocks Forever

You've used every excuse under the sun and then some in the past when it comes to getting your content done! 

Now that you've created your framework, you want to be sure that old limitations don't show up and sabotage your plan.

Module 4 explores the underlying reason(s) that you've been hitting resistance and creating excuses to delay your content creation. We'll explore why you're reluctant to step into your greatness through sharing your expert content. (Hint--this is a very common challenge so you're not alone with this one!)

Lessons in Module 4 explore your priorities, fear, imposter syndrome and overwhelm and how to overcome these excuses so you don't let roadblocks stand in your way.


You'll get Lifetime Access to the Do-Able Content Creation Framework when you sign up now. As long as the course is in existence, you can re-take it again and again at no additional cost. When you act fast, you'll also get the bonuses described below at no additional cost.


Every Extra Bit Of Awesome Is In Here!

Bonus 1
Snackable Content

Snackable Content  training recordings--The ultimate recipe for bite-size content your readers will consume and digest easily. 

Bigger is not always better. The trend now is toward smaller, quickly-consumed quality content pieces to showcase your expertise. Learn how with this bonus recorded training.

Value $97

Bonus 4
Ideal Client Avatar Worksheet

All the questions you need to ask and answer to fully know and understand who you're writing for with your content.

Your ideal client will marvel at your ability to get into her head with your writing. She'll just know immediately that you're someone who 'gets' her!                                     

Value $7

Bonus 2
Sorry, this bonus is no longer available.  

You will have 4 weeks to go over this material and take advantage of these live sessions together. The course will become self-study after the initial launch.

Value $297

Bonus 5
Idea Brainstorming Worksheet

Use this template to generate fresh content ideas and you'll never run out of ideas to write about again.

There are multiple exercises within this worksheet to spark different topics of content creation and generate tons of ideas.

Value $7

Bonus 3
Better Blog eBook

Turn your blog into your biggest asset! This Bonus eBook will help you optimize your blog posts and increase your know, like, and trust factor!

Chapters include how to craft titles so your posts get read, encouraging engagement, readability tips and making calls to action in your posts.

Value $27 

Bonus 6
Editorial Calendar Template

Use this template to create your own editorial calendar to set up your topics and deadlines for publishing.

You'll always know what to write and when it's due when you set up and use this Excel template.

Value $27

About The Course Teacher,
Melissa Brown, MD

Dr. Brown's career journey has always had an element of teaching--initially teaching parents and children how to live a healthy life through her work as a pediatrician.

After retirement from clinical practice, Dr. Brown has taught and mentored as a healthy lifestyle coach, author, and speaker.

Dr. Brown now helps teach and train solopreneurs and coaches to stop being the world's best-kept secret. Her mission is to help you:

Create great content. Impact people. Change the world.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Gail Seignious

Health Coach

"Don't hesitate! You will not be disappointed."

"You can trust Dr. Melissa to deliver exceptional content in an interesting way that stands out above the crowd. Don't hesitate! You will not be disappointed!"

Dr. Renee Cohn Jones

Parenting Coach

Helping Parents Parent

"Inspired to write a lot of content in a short amount of time and get it out into the world."

"Dr. Melissa has a knack for helping you describe your perfect client and figure out what to write to attract their business.

She inspired me to sit down and write a lot of content in a short amount of time and to get it out into the world."

Anne Bolender

Intuitive Clarity Alchemist

"Amp up your content creation."

"Even though I’ve been creating online content for years, there was still so much I learned from Dr. Melissa. She has a way of approaching content creation that is fun, interesting, and easy to use.  I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in amping up their content creation! "

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll Now!

Clients will be magnetized to you!

You'll understand your ideal customer and her fears, dreams, and challenges. You'll be talking directly to your ideal customer and using their exact words.

When you publish your great content, your ideal client will know you're talking directly to her and she'll know immediately . . .  you get her. 

People like to work with folks who show they really understand them. 

You won't feel clueless anymore!

Gone are the days that you have no idea what to write. You'll never sit down to write and stare at a blank screen again.

When you complete Module 2, you'll always have fresh content ideas and know what to write to connect with your readers.

You'll also have a system to capture future ideas so you never have that feeling of losing your eureka moments.

You're seen as THE  go-to expert!

Content that is fresh, regularly published and spread out throughout different online platforms reinforces the authority and expert status of the author. 

And when you're consistently publishing great content and sharing it throughout these different online sites, suddenly you're everywhere your ideal client hangs out. 

Your name is the name that everyone sees writing about the topics that matter to your ideal readers, allowing you to be seen as the brilliant expert you are.

Your bottom line benefits!
Save Time and Money

More people say YES to you when they find you through your published content--they know, like and trust you through your consistent writing.

They're saying yes to the products, services, offers you put out there as a result of this know, like and trust factor.

You're consistently getting out there in a big way, making offers and an impact on the world. And that organically benefits your bottom line. 

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Get started today with the Do-Able Content Creation Framework. If after 14 days, you're not convinced it's all that I've said, your purchase price will be refunded. You have nothing to lose . . . and everything to gain.

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One final thought . . . 

Here's the deal . . . 

If you don't do anything differently, you're going to keep getting the same old results. If that's fine for you, then keep doing it. 

If you want different results, then do something different. 

If you have a plan, then put it into action. Maybe your plan includes this course. Maybe you plan is to take a similar but different course. Or maybe your plan looks like getting some coaching help.

Here's what I want for you: I want your message--your content--to get out into the world in a BIG way.

So if you have other plans to make that happen, THAT'S GREAT!

Set those plans in motion and make it happen.

And if you don't yet have a plan, then go ahead and sign up for this course now. Go through the Do-Able Content Creation Framework, do the exercises, and start getting your message out there. And just remember . . . . 

The world needs YOU and the change you bring into this world!