Hello! So nice to meet you here!

I’m Dr. Melissa Brown (formerly known as Dr. Missy to some of my pediatric patients!). You can call me Melissa, no need to be formal here!

I’ve been involved in health and wellness my entire professional life. I practiced general pediatrics for over 25 years in Northern New Jersey. Stress and disillusionment forced me to retire early from my practice in 2009. After leaving clinical medicine, I tried network marketing and direct sales and that led me to become curious about something I had discovered called ‘coaching’.

In 2011, I became a certified life coach through IPEC—Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. I started using my life coaching skills and medical knowledge to help adults create lifestyle modifications and improve their health. It was while serving these clients that I realized a huge dilemma existed for health coaches and wellness professionals. You could either spend time treating/coaching clients and patients OR spend time writing content and figuring out the technological aspect of the wellness business for online marketing so you could bring your message to more people. There simply wasn’t enough time to do both!

I loved doing the research and writing—the creative part of having an online web presence. Blogging, writing emails, creating webinars, coaching workshops. I was in the zone doing those things. I took online courses in WordPress website design, email marketing, content marketing and everything to do with optimizing my online ‘home’ for my healthy lifestyle coaching business.

Other health coaches and wellness teachers began noticing my results and started asking me how to do the same thing. A light bulb went off when I realized that I could help far more people change their lifestyle and improve their health through serving the health coaches and wellness professionals who serve them. Especially those wellness-preneurs who have no desire or time to spend hammering out words on a computer or those who don’t enjoy any of the techie aspects of the internet.

CoachReadyContent.com was born! I now help you claim your expertise status through your health and wellness content. I work with health coaches, massage therapists, nutritionists, fitness experts and anyone whose message is health and wellness. By using done-for-you health and wellness content, you can consistently educate and entertain your readers and elevate yourself above the crowd. Your audience sees you as the expert that you truly are when you’re consistently providing them with information.

Additionally, CoachReadyContent.com strives to be your ‘go-to‘ resource center for all you need for health and wellness content marketing. Whatever you need to get your message out to the masses, you will find the resources and people to help you here.

When you’re ready to let the world know what an expert you are, roll up your sleeves and get your health and wellness content out there consistently. I can’t wait to help you reach those who are looking for you.

Stop being the world’s best kept secret.

CoachReadyContent.com and I are here to help you claim your expert status in your particular health and wellness niche.

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