Does this sound like you?

so much content to write!

so little time!

All You Wanna Do Is Take Care Of Your Clients!




You need an active online presence to establish YOU as the health and wellness expert. Educating your audience is the best and fastest way to claim your expertise and rise above your competition.

When people consistently see you on social media and on the internet on many different platforms, educating them about how to solve their problem, they want to get to know you. Once they know you and like you, they’ll want to hire you to help them solve their challenge.

The magic key to connect with your audience and prospective clients and to showcase your expertise is well-written information. Consistently providing educational information will set you above the competition, grow your business and fill your calendar with clients faster than any other marketing strategy.

Your audience has a voracious appetite for this information. And that means you need to keep creating this content consistently to focus their attention on you and your message.

But how do you keep up with creating all that information? Writing all that content takes time. There are blog posts, newsletters, articles, eBooks, webinars, teleseminars, workshops, courses and speeches to create. And that doesn’t even include the time you spend actually coaching your clients.

Private Label Rights (PLR) is the answer.

PLR is done-for-you articles, graphics, reports, e-books and pretty much any written content that you can use on your website, blog, newsletters and social media. You can even get ready-to-go coaching programs, courses to teach online or in person and educational material every month to develop your own membership site!

The ways you can use this PLR content is limited only by your imagination and creativity. You receive a license when you purchase PLR that give you the rights to modify the material, edit it however you like, claim authorship, and even in some instances–sell the material as your own.

Every PLR provider will furnish a license outlining what can be done with the PLR you buy from them, so just make sure to follow the license with each pack of PLR you acquire. Since others are purchasing the same PLR products, by editing it with a few tweaks and personal stories, you truly make it your own.

What makes me different from most PLR providers?

I bring my experience of over 25 years of medical practice as a pediatric physician. After early retirement from my practice, I became a certified life coach and then worked to coach adults to make lifestyle health shifts.

I soon realized that all health coaches and wellness professionals have the dilemma described above: you can spend your time coaching and helping your clients. Or you can spend your time writing articles and newsletters, creating graphics and crafting new coaching programs for your clients. But it’s very challenging to find the time to do all of it without help.

So I decided to do something about that! I now provide help for wellness professionals to get all their written content done easily, efficiently and maintain their sanity in the process! And at a fraction of the cost of hiring a ghost writer to get that content written. All of the PLR on my site is either written by me or my team of health and wellness writers and then edited by me.

Not sure about this PLR thing and want to take a test drive of my work?

Try for yourself–get a sample pack of 8 health and wellness articles. The pack includes a social media graphic to accompany each article. You can get all of these free right now and have a blog post published on your website by tonight. What have you got to lose? Just enter your name and email address below and you’ll get instant access to your sample pack.