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If You're Not Consistently Writing Great Content, You're Not Making The Impact In The World That You're Meant To Make.

I've Got GREAT News For You!


There's more than one way to get your awesome content written, published and out there into the world so you can make that magnificent impact. You don't have to make it hard on yourself.

Answer This Question . . . What Would It Look Like If It Was Easy?

When it's easy, you publish your great content consistently. That showcases your expertise, sets you above the competition, and lets your ideal clients know you're the real deal. The result is business growth, rocketing client rosters, and a huge impact in the world!  

You know you are meant for GREATNESS--get your content written and show the world you mean business!

Get your FREE Fast Track Content Templates and start writing your content faster

Don't work harder, look for ways to work smarter. Using content templates is one of those smart ways! You just 'fill in the blanks'!

The quicker you create and publish your great content, the quicker you make an impact on the people meant to work with you! 

Here's what you get:

  • Top Ten List Template
  • Follow The Steps Template
  • Myth and Misconception Buster Template
  • Case Study Template
  • Top Resources Template
  • BONUS Basic Recipe Template

What Do You Need Help With Right Now?

Ready To Use Content 

Discover done-for-you ready to use health and wellness content written by a physician. Discover where you can score quality done-for-you content on other topics.

Content creation Framework

Customize your own framework to schedule your content easily and consistently using the Do-Able Content Creation Framework Training. 

Need Extra Help with your content?

Schedule a 15 minute content check-up and get a customized Rx for content marketing ailments.

Melissa Brown, MD

About Dr. Melissa Brown

I believe that entrepreneurs have the power to change the world. Unfortunately, I've seen too many folks get discouraged by the amount of content creation that's necessary to market their business. 

It breaks my heart when someone gives up their dream because they're overwhelmed with writing content. There's such a ripple effect when a dream dies. 

So I'm on a mission to help solopreneurs and small business owners overcome the overwhelm when it comes to content creation. Shift your mindset and ask yourself what would it look like if it was easy?

Your content can impact massive amounts of people and positively change the world. Let's do this together . . .

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